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25 Jan 2024 Aviation

Bahamas announces national aviation strategic plan

In June 2023 the Bahamas government, having collaborated with aviation industry stakeholders, announced the implementation of a national aviation strategic plan (NASP) over a three-year period (2023-2026). NASP comprises an eight-point plan which has been designed to completely transform The Bahamas' aviation industry "to meet and exceed global standards" by integrating best global industry practices.



NASP comprises the following:

Improving airport infrastructure and development – airport stakeholders and the government will collaborate to create an infrastructure which will create "airports of the future" throughout the country.

Enhancing strategic partnerships and engagement – the government is committed to remaining engaged with stakeholders and affected communities.

Increasing airlift and improving air connectivity – this is paramount to the country's tourism industry. The government is committed to remaining engaged with air operators (both domestic and international), airports and their surrounding communities.

Enhancing human capital development – ensuring the support and development in human capital with development and implementation of programs and training to improve the capabilities of personnel particularly in the following areas:

> aeronautical training institute;
> air trac control;
> aviation safety and aircraft maintenance; aviation law; and
> crew training.

Improving operational eciency, nancial resilience, and revenue optimisation – the aim is to streamline the industry through eciency thereby reducing costs.

Strengthening safety and security systems – safety in the industry is rst and foremost whether in the air or on the ground. The country's safety and oversight system (regulations, procedures and industry standards) must be under constant review to meet the industry's ever changing dynamic model at any given time.

Positioning The Bahamas as the regional leader in sustainable aviation and air transport services – globally, the aviation industry is under pressure to improve and adopt sustainability methods and goals, such as green technology to create net zero and carbon neutrality.

Improving innovation and technology – innovative technology affects all industries in today's world and keeping pace is essential to the aviation industry's safety and growth.



The government has stressed its commitment to NASP advancing and improving the civil aviation sector in The Bahamas. The deputy prime minister, I. Chester Cooper, and minister of tourism & aviation said: "The historic NASP will serve as the industry's 'Flight Plan' that will chart the way forward over the next three years to aid in the revolutionization and renaissance over the aviation industry, as mandated by the Government of The Bahamas".



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